About Us

Audrey’s was founded in 1980 by owner and designer Audrey Mull. She grew up on a dairy farm in Lancaster County, PA, but her real passion was dreaming up handmade crafts and products. At first, she sold her products in her parents' general store. Later, after marrying her husband Ken, she continued fashioning her products in their home. Their business grew over the years and the Mulls continue to drive the company forward with their passion for the business and creative product design.

Sign in front of Audrey's
Audrey's warehouse

Audrey’s has everyday home décor, spring, garden, fall, Christmas, winter and seasonal products. The line includes fabrications ranging from textiles, wrought iron, wood, glass, ceramic, resin, cement, metal, as well as a great offering in floral products. Audrey’s has evolved into a premier supplier that offers a tremendous variety of products for a wide range of retailer types. Audrey and her team do in depth research on each new product to make sure each and every item has superb pricing relative to similar products in the market. Our customers report that our products offer excellent margins and extremely successful sell through. Along with great products and pricing, we also strive to provide outstanding customer service. Come see what Audrey’s has to offer you!

Our mission statement